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  This is from a short story written late in the career of a Victorian author:


  I was engaged for the rest of the day on business so urgent that I had not leisure to think much on the nocturnal adventure to which I had plighted my honour. I dined alone, and very late, and while dining, read, as is my habit. I selected one of the volumes of Macaulay's Essays. I thought to myself that I would take the book with me; there was so much of the healthfulness in the style, and practical life in the subjects, that it would serve as an antidote against the influence of superstitious fancy.

Here is the clue which was offered:

CLUE for #11

Lewis Melville in 1906 wrote:

In A Strange Story he advanced a further step. The mystery is well kept up; the style is more restrained, the characters are more natural. This tale, however, was eclipsed by a brilliant effort of the imagination that has always been read with interest and will not be easily forgotten -- The Coming Race. This and the short ???????, a tale of mystery worthy to rank with Poe, and probably the best ghost story ever written by an English author, constitute some portion of ??????'s claim to remembrance.
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The haunted and the Haunters:or the House and the Brain

by:Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton,Lord Lytton

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