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for 99-jun-25

Look Who's Reading!

Today's puzzle has been guessed correctly.

  This rich gentleman and his secretary encounter a pretty trespasser on his property. Who is she and what is she reading?

The clues were more pictures from the book:

The rich gentleman and his secretary also encounter the trespasser's husband:

but fail to realize it is the same rogue who has been robbing the rich man blind, time and time again.

Congratulations to Tatsuo Yamada who identified Mrs. Clay from Grant Allen's An African millionaire, and the what she's reading:

a volume of poems, these sweet lines of Wordsworth's:-

"And O,ye fountains,meadows,hills,and groves,
Forebode not any severing of our loves.

With an honourable mention to Fr. John Woolley who also guessed the puzzle.

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