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for 99-jun-23

Look Who's Reading!

This puzzle has been guessed correctly.

  This illustration is from the frontispiece to a well-known early work of a prominent Victorian author.

The original clue given was:

CLUE for #5

The portly character in the picture was portrayed by Harry Secombe in a musical which included the hit song "If I ruled the world".

Congratulations to Lauryn Angel-Cann for guessing the puzzle correctly, two days in a row. She wrote:

This looks like Mr. Pickwick and Sam Weller from The Pickwick Papers, Charles Dickens's first novel.

Kay Douglas, however, contends the characters are Pickwick and Winkle, on the grounds that Pickwick would not be recreating with Weller, his servant.

Pickwick was really all I was looking for. The illustration is by H.K. Browne.

The novel, The Pickwick papers, can be read online at


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