Gaslight is a volunteer project under the auspices of the English Department at Mount Royal College. The coordinators can be reached at:


Gaslight files are prepared in accordance with Canadian copyright legislation. All files on the Mount Royal College Gaslight website are in the Canadian Public Domain. Those which are not in Public Domain have been mounted with special permission and are noted with the copyright symbol, "©".

The reader of these pages is responsible for determining whether the content is out of copyright where they live. In Canada, the rule is that an author's work, originally published in their lifetime, falls into Public Domain on January first, on the 51st year after their death. Most copyright legislation around the world is determined by either the author's bio-dates, or by the publication date of the original copy of the work being used for the etext.


Gaslight files are created for the Gaslight discussion list, also hosted at Mount Royal College. However, anyone is free to access the files for their personal use. Anyone is free to distribute the files for academic or non-profit use. Anyone is free to quote from the regular Gaslight files, and from the copyrighted files, within the "fair use" policy where you live.

Gaslight files are not to be recycled in a commercial project.


We appreciate hearing from readers who have found the files useful. We especially appreciate those who have pointed out errors in the files. This practice helps us improve files for future readers.

last updated: 2000-jan-11
Diana Patterson and Stephen Davies