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The mystery of Edwin Drood (1870, 1912 ed.)

by Charles Dickens

Divided into its original instalments, edited according to the 1912 ed. by J. Cuming Walters with some text as marked by W. Robertson Nicoll.

Discussion of Drood began on the Gaslight discussion list on February 24, 1997. Please revisit this page as the original illustrations and comments from the discussion list are added. As the novel is serialised, you too will have an opportunity to make comments.

Thumbnail of the green Drood cover Click on this image to see the front cover for the serialization of the novel. (99k)


* The first instalment
*     Synopsis of part one
       Prepared by Cindy Kogut
*     Dickens' scribbled plot for part one


* The second instalment
*     Synopsis of part two
       Prepared by Cindy Kogut
*     Dickens' scribbled plot for part two


* The third instalment
*     Synopsis of part three
       Prepared by Cindy Kogut
*     Dickens' scribbled plot for part three


* The fourth instalment
*     Synopsis of part four
       Prepared by Cindy Kogut
*     Dickens' scribbled plot for part four


* The fifth instalment
*     Synopsis of part five
       Prepared by Cindy Kogut


* The sixth instalment
*     Synopsis of part six
       Prepared by Cindy Kogut

Look here to open more critical texts on Edwin Drood.

"Suggestions for a conclusion" by anonymous (1884)
F.G. Kitton's The novels of Charles Dickens (1897)
A. Lang's The puzzle of Dickens's last plot (1905) (Project Gutenberg text)
M. Williams' list of Drood characters (1907)
The Sir Luke Fildes, R.A. page
The George F. Gadd page, summarizing critical approaches (1905)
Fitz-Gerald's Dickens and the drama (1910)
Sir W. Robertson Nicoll's The problem of Edwin Drood "The illustrations on the wrapper" (1912)
J. Cuming Walter's tabulation of Drood guesses (1912)

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