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Mary Williams' list of Drood characters

from The Dickens concordance (1907)

  The letters f.m. refer to where a character is "first mentioned" but no name is given until a later chapter.

EDWIN DROOD, 1870.   Unfinished.
   Chap. 1.--The Chinaman. Lascar and Old Woman.
   Chap. 2.--Rev. Septimus Crisparkle, Minor Canon. Mr. Tope. chief verger. Mrs. Tope. The Dean. Mr. Jasper, choirmaster. Edwin Drood, his nephew. "Pussey."
   Chap. 3.--Cloisterham. Miss Twinkleton's school. Mrs. Tisher. Foolish Mr. Porters. Rosa Bud, pupil at the Nun's House (f.m. 2.)
   Chap. 4.--Mr. Thomas Sapsea, auctioneer. Durdles, stonemason.
   Chap. 5.--Deputy. The Traveller's Twopenny.
   Chap. 6.--Mrs. Crisparkle. Mr. Luke Honeythunder. Neville and Helena Landless.
   Chap. 9.--Mr. Grewgious, Rosa's guardian.
   Chap. 11.--Bazzard, Mr. Grewgious' clerk.
   Chap. 17.--Mr. Tartar
   Chap. 18.--Mr. Dick Datchery. The Crozier.
   Chap. 22.--Mrs. Billicken, lodging house keeper. Lobley, Tartar's man.