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Parodies of Sherlock Holmes
within the Gaslight era

Author Title (and source) Year of
Characters' name
R.C. Lehmann's The adventures of Picklock Holes
serialized 1893/94;
book format 1901
Picklock Holes and Potson
Zero (pseud. for Allan Ramsay) "The Adventure of the Table Foot" (The Bohemian, vol. 2, no. 1) 1894-jan Thinlock Bones and Whatsoname
R.L.M. (pseud. for R. L. Munkittrick) "The Sign of the '400': being a continuation of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Puck) 1894-oct-24 Holmes and Watson
Robert Barr "The great Pegram mystery" (The face and the mask) 1894 Sherlaw Kombs
John Kendrick Bangs The pursuit of the house-boat 1897 Sherlock Holmes
John Kendrick Bangs The enchanted typewriter 1899 Sherlock Holmes
Bret Harte "The stolen cigar case" (Condensed novels: second series) 1902 Hemlock Jones
Mark Twain "A double-barrelled detective story" 1902  
John Kendrick Bangs Shylock Homes: his posthumous memoirs 1903 Shylock Homes
R.C. Lehmann's Picky Back serialized 1903/04 Picklock Holes and Potson
G.F. Forrest "The Adventure of the Diamond Necklace" (Misfits: a book of parodies, pp. 67-70) 1905 Warlock Bones and Goswell
John Kendrick Bangs R. Holmes & Co. 1906 son of Sherlock Holmes
Maurice Leblanc Exploits of Arsene Lupin 1907 Holmlock Shears
Maurice Leblanc The fair-haired lady 1909 Holmlock Shears
O. Henry "The sleuths" (Sixes and sevens) 1911 Shamrock Jolnes
O. Henry "The adventures of Shamrock Jolnes" (Sixes and sevens) 1911 Shamrock Jolnes and Whatsup
Stephen Leacock "Maddened by mystery; or, the defective detective" (Nonsense novels) 1911  
Stephen Leacock "An irreducible detective story" (Further foolishness) 1916  
Arthur Conan Doyle "How Watson learned the trick" (The book of the Queen's doll's house) 1924 Sherlock Holmes
James M. Barrie "The adventure of the two collaborators" (A.C. Doyle's Memories and adventures) 1924  

A Gaslight pastiche:
The adventure of the White Plume (© 1995) by Gerald M. Carlson

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