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Haunted Lives (1868)

Thanks to Valerie Mckernan for sending the serial breakdowns.
The novel as it was serialized in Dublin University Magazine:
1868-May Part One: Chaps. I - XI
Jun Part Two: Chaps. XII - XXV
Jul Part Three Chaps. XXVI - XL
Aug Part Four: Chaps. XLI - LII
Sep Part Five: Chaps. LIII - LXIII
Oct Part Six: Chaps. LXIV - LXIX
Nov Part Seven: Chaps. LXX - LXXV
Dec Part Eight: Chaps LXXVI - LXXVIII
The text is broken up according to the serialization but is actually based on the Tinsley Bros. 1868 three-volume book publication.

Proofread by Robert Garni.

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