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Tales of the Midnight Club

by C.E. Van Loan


"Scrap Iron" (1915)

by Charles E. Van Loan

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Van Loan and Acord
Charle E. Van Loan (right) with Art Acord,
dressed as Buck Parvin (c. 1915/16)
A Charles E. Van Loan page

Buck Parvin and the movies

Copyright 1913, 1914, by The Curtis Publishing Company
Copyright, 1915, by George H. Doran Company

by Charles E. Van Loan

notes by Hobart Bosworth (1941)
commentary by Robert Birchard (1996)


Old Man Curry - Race Track Stories

copyright 1917 by George H. Doran Company
Copyright, 1915-16, by P. F. Collier & Son Incorporated

by Charles E. Van Loan


Van Loan, Charles E. (Charles Emmett), 1876-1919.
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5. Buck Parvin and the movies / by Charles E. Van Loan ; illustrated by Arthur William Brown. (c1915)
Contents: The extra man and the milkfed lion -- The international cup -- Man-afraid-of-his- wardrobe -- Water stuff -- Buck's lady friend -- Desert stuff -- Author! Author! -- Snow stuff -- This is the life!
6. Taking the count, by Charles E. Van Loan; foreword by Irvin S. Cobb. (c1915)
Contents: The sporting doctor.--One-thirty-three--ringside.--The spotted sheep.--On account of a lady.--No business.--Out of his class.--Scrap iron.--The pearl brooch.--The revenge of Kid Morales.--Easy picking.--For the pictures.
Other entries: Cobb, Irvin S. (Irvin Shrewsbury), 1876-1944
Nicholson, Meredith, 1866-1947
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8. Old man Curry: race track stories / by Charles E. Van Loan ; introduction by L.B. Yates. (c1917)
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9. Fore! by Charles E. Van Loan (c1918)
Contents: Gentlemen, you can't go through.--Little Poison Ivy.--The Major, D.O.S.--A mixed foursome.--"Similia similibus curantur."--A cure for lumbago.--The man who quit.--The Ooley-cow.--Adolphus and the rough diamond.
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10. Score by innings (c1919)
11. The books of Charles E. Van Loan. Memorial ed. in five volumes [New York, G.H. Doran company, 1919]
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