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Unanswered Gaslight question #3

  We are looking for a copy of Grant Allen's short story "Pallinghurst Barrow" which originally appeared in the London Illustrated News. We only have access to the American edition, bound without the Christmas 1892 supplement which contained the story.

  We'll try to find the story, as collected in the Allen's book Ivan Greet's Masterpiece, but meanwhile, can anyone tell us what other stories appeared in the Christmas supplement for that year?

  Below is an ad for the issue, taken from the London Illustrated News, 1892-dec-24, vol. 11, no. 294., p. 598. (Note the New York address!)

  The authors listed are Mrs. Molesworth, L.F. Austin, Barry Pain, Grant Allen, Frank R. Stockton "and other well-known Authors."

Dennis Lien was able to provide the following answer:

Dear Gaslight folks--

I ran across your request for information on contents of the following
issue and am happy to report that:

The special Christmas 1892 number of the ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS runs to
40 pages in its usual format.  Fiction (and the one poem) contents thereof:

Princess Ice-Heart: A Fairy Tale, by Mrs. Molesworth (pp. 2-5)
Next December, by Barry Pain <poetry> (p.5)
Pallinghurst Barrow, by Grant Allen (pp. 12-18)
The Rev'rend Ezekiel Crump, by Frank Stockton (pp. 24-26 and 29-30)
The Culminating Point, by Barry Pain (pp. 30, 33-34, and 37)
The White Hat, by L.F. Austin (pp. 37-38 and 40)

Pages 6-12 and 19-23 contain artwork; pages 27-28, 31-32, 35-36, and 39
contain advertisements.

Dennis Lien / U of Minnesota Libraries