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Gaslight's Southern U.S. stories

Every year Deborah McMillion-Nering prepares etexts of stories by Southern U.S. writers or about the South. Here are some of them, both fiction [F] and non-fiction [N]:

Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews
"Through the Ivory Gate" [F] (1905)

L. Frank Baum
"The stuffed alligator" [F] (1905)

Ambrose Bierce
"An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" [F] (1891)
"The moonlit road" [F] (1893)

George W. Cable
"Café des Exilés" [F] (1873)

Kate Chopin
"Desirée's baby" [F] (1893), collected in Bayou folk (1894)
"Her letters" [F] (1895)

Emma B. Cobb
"What did Miss Darrington see?" [F] (1870)

M.E.M. Davis
"The Soul of Rose Dede" [F] (1888)
"At La Glorieuse" [F] (pre-1907)

Rebecca Harding Davis
"The captain's story" [F] (18??)

Sarah Morgan Dawson
"A Tragedy of South Carolina", [F] originally from Cosmopolitan (1895-nov)

John William DeForest
"The drummer ghost" [F] (approx. 1870)

Ellen Glasgow
"The past" [F] (1920)
"The shadowy third" [F] (1923)

Lafcadio Hearn
The last of the voudoos [N] (1885)
New Orleans superstitions [N] (1886)

Eugene K. Jones
"The Ghost Whistle" [F] (c. 1917)

Gouverneur Morris
"The Crocodile" [F] (1905)
stored at Gaslight's American website because of copyright.

Thomas Nelson Page
"No Haid Pawn" [F] (1887)
"The burial of the guns" [F] (1894, 1953 ed.)

Edgar A. Poe
"A Tale of the Ragged Mountains" [F] (1844)

Charles M. Skinner
Myths and legends of our own land [N] (1896)
Vol. 2, Pt. 2: Lights and shadows of the South

Mark Twain (1835-1910)
"A ghost story" [F] (year?)

Edward Lucas White
"The house of nightmare" [F] (1906)

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