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This webpage opened in 98-sep. This timeline of Napoleon's career was written by Patricia Teter. It places links to fiction [F] and non-fiction [N] about the Napoleonic era in the chronological order in which they would have occurred.


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To read a greater bibliography of Napoleonic literature,
see Patricia Teter's Gaslight Era Napoleonic Literature

See also the Napoleonic poetry page.


Napoleonic Era Literature:

Napoleon (1769-1821) b. Ajaccio, Corsica; d. Saint Helena

Napoleonic golden bee Revolutionary Period:
1792-1797 War of the First Coalition
1792 April 20 France declares war on Austria, Prussia & Piedmont: Beginning of the War of the First Coalition
1792 Sept. 20 Battle of Valmy (France vs Prussia/Austria) French Victory
1793 Jan. 21 Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette guillotined
1793 Feb. 1 France declares war on England & Holland
1793 Feb. 7 France declares war on Spain
1793 Mar. 22 Roman Empire declares war on France
1793 July 13 Death of Marat
1793 Royalist forces call on Britain's forces at Toulon
1793 Aug.-Dec. Siege of Toulon (French vs England/Spain) French Victory
1793 Dec. 22 Bonaparte, age 24, promoted to Brigadier General
1795-1799 Rise of Napoleon
1795 Oct. 26 Napoleon named General en chef de l'armée de l'Intérieur; age 26
1796-1797 First Italian Campaign 1796 - 1800
Edwards' "A service of danger" [F]
1796 Napoleon appointed Commander in Chief of the Army in Italy
1796 March 9 Marries Josephine
1796 May 10 Battle of Lodi (French vs Austria) French victory
1796 Takes Control of Lombardia;
War at sea with Britain continues
1797 Summer Napoleon's conquest of Venice
1797 Oct. 17 Peace of Campo Formio (England remains in opposition to France): End of the 1st Coalition and the 1st Italian Campaign
1798-1801 Egyptian and Syrian Campaign: (Davoust; Desaix; Death of Kleber; Lannes; Murat)
Malta occupied, Alexandria and the Nile delta occupied
Balzac's "Passion in the desert" [F]
1798 July 21 Battle of the Pyramids (Embabeh) (France vs Mamelukes) French victory
1798 Aug. 1 Naval Battle of Abukir Bay (Battle of the Nile) (French vs. England) English victory;
Nelson's fleet destroys the French squadron;
Turkey declares war on France
1799-1802 War of the Second Coalition
1799 French soldiers discover the Rosetta Stone
1799 Spring Great Britain, Austria, Russia, Naples and Sweden form an alliance against France;
French armies defeated in Italy;
French victories in Switzerland and Holland;
1799 Dec. 12 Napoleon's name
Napoleon imposes military dictatorship in France
Napoleonic golden bee Consular Republic: (1799-1802)
1799-1800 Napoleon reorganizes and prepares for attack on Austria;
Allies drop out of anti-French coalition;
Napoleon takes troops across Alps at the Great St. Bernard Pass in snow
1800-1802 Second Italian Campaign
1800 June 14 Battle of Marengo (France vs Austria) French victory; gives Po Valley to France
1800 Dec. 24 Attempt to assassinate Napoleon in rue Saint-Nicaise
1801 Feb. 9 Treaty of Lunéville gives France rights to the Rhine, the Alps and the Pyrenees 1801-1817
Conrad's "The duel" [F]
1801 Peace on Continent, however Great Britain still remains at war with France 1800-1801
Hardy's "The melancholy hussar of the German legion [F]
1801 Oct. Preliminaries of Amiens signed 1801 Oct.
Doyle's "Foreign Office romance" [F]
1802 March 27 Peace of Amiens signed between Great Britain and France: End of the 2nd Coalition and of the 2nd Italian Campaign 1802
Thackeray's Major Gahagan
Ch. 1 "Truth is strange, stranger than fiction"
1802-1803 Napoleon intends to reestablish French colonies (San Domingo, Louisiana and possibly Egypt);
France begins advancing into the Swiss Confederation and Germany
1802 Summer(?)
Doyle's "The marriage of Brigadier Gérard" [F]
1803 May Britain declares war
Napoleonic golden bee Grand Empire (1804-1815) French flag
1803-1805 Napoleon prepares for invasion of Great Britain, but French fleet still inferior;
Pulls Spain into war against Great Britain
Thackeray's Major Gahagan,
Ch. 2 India tour
1804 April 7 Death of Pichegru 1804 April
Camp and Court on Pichegru [N]

Brontë's "Napoleon and the spectre" [F]
1804 May 28 Empire Proclaimed 1804
Hardy's "The tradition of eighteen hundred and four" [F]
1804 Dec. 2 Napoleon crowned Emperor by Pope Pius VII Emperor #1 Emperor #2???
1804 Dec. Spain declares war on Great Britain, joining forces with France Superior officer of the Cuirassiers, 9th Regiment
Superior officer of the Cuirassiers, 9th Regiment
1805 War of the Third Coalition (Alliance between England, Russia and Austria) 1805
Q's "Captain Dick and Captain Jacka" [F]

Conrad's The Rover [F]
1805 Oct. 21 Battle of Trafalgar (France/Spain vs England) English victory;
Villeneuve attacks Nelson off Cape Trafalgar, Nelson dies
Entire Franco-Spanish fleet destroyed
1805 Nov. 13 Napoleon enters Vienna Cuirassier of the 2nd Regiment
Cuirassier of the 2nd Regiment
1805 Dec. 2 Battle of Austerlitz (Battle of the Three Emperors) France vs Austria/Russia; Napoleon's greatest victory
1805 Dec. 26 Treaty of Pressburg: Austria renounces all control in Italy, cedes Veneto and Dalmatia: End of 3rd Coalition;
Bourbons dethroned in Kingdom of Naples
1805 Napoleon proclaimed King of Italy; Retakes Venice
1806-1807 War of the Fourth Coalition Drum major of the Imperial Guard, c. 1806-12
Drum major of the Imperial Guard, c. 1806-12
1806 Prussia enters war against France
1806 Oct. 14 Battle of Auerstädt (France vs Prussia) French victory
1806 Oct. 14 Battle of Jena (France vs. Prussia) French victory
1807 Feb. 7-8 Battle of Preussisch-Eylau (France vs Russia) French victory 1807 Feb.
Doyle's "How the Brigadier came to the Castle of Gloom" [F]
1807 June 13-14 Battle of Friedland (France vs Russia) French victory
1807 July 7-9 Alexander I tires of war, signs treaty at Tilsit giving Napoleon western Europe: End of 4th Coalition
Napoleon forbids all trade with Great Britain: Blockades in place
1807 Sept./Oct.
Doyle's "How the Brigadier slew the Brothers of Ajaccio" [F]
1807-1814 Spanish (Peninsular) Campaign: Insurrections in Spain after Napoleon places Joseph Bonaparte on Spanish throne 1807-1814
Q's "Three men of Badajoz" [F]

Maxwell's "Storm of Badajoz" [F]

Lever's "Patrick's Day in the peninsula"
& "Fuentes d'Onoro"

Thackeray's "Phil Fogarty" [F]
1809 Iberian peninsula becomes a bridgehead for British forces led by Arthur Wellesley (later Duke of Wellington) Balzac's "El Verdugo" [F]
1809 War against Austria of 1809
1809 Feb. 19 Zaragoza surrenders Grendaider by Horace Vernet
1809 July 5-6 Battle at Wagram (France vs Austria) French victory Napoleon at Wagram by Horace Vernet
1809 July 28 Battle of Talavera (France vs England/Spain) English/Spanish victory (Wellington)
1809 Oct. 14 Treaty of Schönbrunn: End of War against Austria of 1809
1809 Dec. 15 Napoleon announces his intention to divorce Empress Josephine
1809-1810 Napoleon at the zenith of power: Emperor of French, King of Italy, Protector of the Confederation of the Rhine, Mediator of the Swiss Confederation.
His brothers reigned throughout the Empire -- Joseph in Madrid, Louis in Holland, Jerome in Westphalia, and his brother-in-law, Joachim Murat in Naples. Alexander I is allied with Napoleon; soon the Hapsburgs give Archduchess Marie-Louis as his wife.
Orczy's The man in grey [F]

Hyne's The escape agents [F]

Between 1810 July and 1811 March
Doyle's "The crime of the Brigadier" [F]
1810 July 1-2 Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo (Marshal Ney); French capture Ciudad Rodrigo from Britain 1810 July 1-2
Doyle's "How the Brigadier held the King" [F]

1810 Aug. 10
Doyle's "How the King held the Brigadier" [F]
1811 March 5 Messena's retreat from Santarem
1811 March 20 Napoleon's heir is born
1811 Dec. 25-- Siege of Valencia (France vs. Spain) French victory
Napoleonic golden bee Collapse of Empire (1812-1815)
1812 Russian Campaign: Alexander I breaks ties with Napoleon
1812 U.S. declares war on Britain (War of 1812)
1812 July 22 Battle of Salamanca (France vs England/Portugal) English/Portuguese victory
1812 Aug. 16-17 Battle of Smolensk (France vs Russia) French victory
1812 Sept. 7 Battle at Borodino (Battle at the Moskova) (France vs Russia) French victory
1812 Sept. 14 Napoleon enters Moscow
1812 Oct. 19 Napoleon orders retreat;
Russian campaign ends in disaster;
By December the Grand Army no longer exists
1813 German Campaign 1813 March
Doyle's "How the Brigadier played for a kingdom" [F]
1813 May 20-21 Battle of Bautzen (France vs Allies (Russia/Prussia) )** French victory
1813 June 21 Battle of Vitoria (France vs England/Portugal) English/Portugese victory
1813 July-Sept. Siege of San Sebastian
1813 Oct. 16-19 Battle of Leipzig (Battle of the Nations) (France vs Allies) French army torn to shreds;
French armies retreat across the Rhine;
French armies retreat in Spain and Italy
1813 Nov. - 1859
E. About's The man with the broken ear [F]
1814 Jan. French Campaign -- France attacked on all frontiers
1814 March 31 Allies enter Paris 1814 March
Doyle's "The medal of Brigadier Gérard" [F]
1814 Apr. 6 Treaty of Fontainebleau: Napoleon abdicates, departs for Elba;
Louis XVI's brother, Louis XVIII installed
1814 May 30 1st Peace of Paris
1814 Oct.30-1815 June 9 Congress of Vienna
1815 Jan. 8 British army attacks New Orleans (U.S. victory; End of the War of 1812
1815 Mar. 20 Napoleon returns to Paris and resumes control: The Hundred Days
1815 Belgian Campaign
1815 June 15 Duchess of Richmond's Ball in Brussels on the eve of Waterloo
1815 June 16 Battle of Ligny (France vs Prussia) French victory
1815 June 18 Battle of Waterloo (la Belle Alliance/Mont St. Jean);
Napoleon in sight of victory when Prussians, under Gebhard Lebercht von Blücher arrives to reinforce Wellington
1815 June 18
Parry's "Waterloo" [N]

Thackeray's "Waterloo" [N]

Doyle's The great shadow [F]

G. Macaulay Trevelyan's "If Napoleon had won the battle of Waterloo" [N]
1815 June 22 Napoleon abdicates and exiled to Sainte Helena in South Atlantic
1815 Sept. 26 Holy Alliance (Russia, Austria and Prussia) Hussar Officer of the 2nd Regiment, 1819
Hussar Officer of the 2nd Regiment, 1819
1815 Nov. 20 2nd Peace of Paris After Waterloo
Le Fanu's "The room at the Dragon Volant" [F]
1815 Dec. 7 Michel Ney, Duke of Elchingen, Marshal Prince of the Moskowa, executed in Luxembourg
1821 May 5 Death of Napoleon 1820's - 1848
Tolstoy's "Two hussars" [F]
1840 Napoleon's remains entombed at La Museé de l'Armée in Paris 1840 Dec
Thackeray's "Second funeral" [N]
Marryat's Midshipman easy (c. 1805) [F]
Court and Camp texts [N]
Doyle's "Duello in France" [F]
excerpts from Doyle's Through the magic door [F]
Doyle's Uncle Bernac [F]
Pushkin's "The shot" (c. 1805 - 1816) [F]


This timeline places links to fiction [F] and non-fiction [N] about the Napoleonic era in the chronological order in which they would have occurred.


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To read a greater bibliography of Napoleonic literature,
see Patricia Teter's Gaslight Era Napoleonic Literature

See also the Napoleonic poetry page.

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