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Gaslight was conceived in 1993-jul to be a discussion list on the Internet. Its purpose is to provide a different story each week for discussion, modeled on the Hounds of the Internet discussion list about Sherlock Holmes. Unlike Hounds, however, Gaslight's stories are not readily available to most listmembers, so they are prepared before reading as electronic texts (etexts).

This site is to aid in distributing the etexts and to post any notable discussions which occur on the mailing list.

Gaslight digests of discussions

Greatest 19th Century Novels (Mainly English) and Other Influential
Writings Related to the Study of Literature (with a Belles-Lettres
Slant): An Ongoing Compilation

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What does this Hindu script say about Vikram the vampire?

R.L. Stevenson book sticker

Stories appearing with Grant Allen's in the 1892 London Illustrated News Christmas supplement.

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