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Herbert Jenkins bibliography

Jenkins, Herbert George (1876-1923)

    "The life of George Borrow, comp. from unpublished official documents, his works, correspondence, etc."
    "with a frontispiece in photogravure, and twelve other illustrations"
    (John Murray: London) (G.P. Putnam's Sons: New York)

    Bindle: some chapters in the life of Joseph Bindle
    (H. Jenkins limited: London)
    a.k.a. Bindle; the story of a cheerful soul
    (Frederick A. Stokes Company: New York)

    The night club
    (H. Jenkins, limited: London)

    Patricia Brent, spinster
    "by the author of ?"
    (H. Jenkins, limited: London) (George H. Doran Company: New York)

    Adventures of Bindle
    (H. Jenkins limited: London)

    John Dene of Toronto; a comedy of Whitehall
    Note: a Malcolm Sage mystery
    (George H. Doran company: New York)
    (H. Jenkins limited: London, 1920 ed.)

    The rain-girl; a romance of today
    (George H. Doran company: New York)
    a.k.a.The Rain-Girl: a romance of to-day
    "By the author of 'Patricia Brent, Spinster'"
    (Herbert Jenkins: London, 1920 ed.)

    "Malcolm Sage, detective"
    Contains at least: "The stolen admiralty memorandum"; "The holding up of Lady Glanedale"; and "The missing heavyweight".
    (Herbert Jenkins: London) (George H. Doran Company: New York)

    The return of Alfred
    "by the author of 'Patricia Brent, spinster'"
    (H. Jenkins, limited: London) (George H. Doran Company: New York)

    Mrs. Bindle: some incidents from the domestic life of the Bindles
    (Herbert Jenkins: London)

    The Bindles on the Rocks, etc
    (Herbert Jenkins: London)

    William Blake; studies of his life and personality
    edited with an introduction by Charles Edward Lawrence (1870-?)
    (H. Jenkins limited: London)

    The Stiffsons and other stories
    Note: contains one Malcolm Sage story, probably "The Surrey Cattle-Maiming Mystery"
    (H. Jenkins limited: London)

    "Bindle Omnibus, etc."
    Contents: (Bindle - The Night Club - Adventures of Bindle - Mrs. Bindle - The Bindles on the Rocks.)
    (Herbert Jenkins: London)

(Compiled from the National Library of Canada, the Library of Congress, and the British Library.)
(Additional thanks to Jess Nevins.)