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Fiction is marked [F] and non-fiction is marked [N]

    Strange tales of a nihilist (1892) [F]
    The great war in England in 1897 (1894) [F/N]
    Guilty (1895) [F]
    Stolen souls (1895) [F]
    The temptress (1895) [F]
    Zoraida; a romance of the harem and the Great Sahara (1895) [F]
    The great white queen; a tale of treasure and treason (1896) [F]
    Devil's dice (1897) [F]
    The eye of Istar; a romance of the Land of No return (1897) [F]
    Scribes and Pharisees ; a story of literary London (1898) [F]
    Whoso findeth a wife, (1898) [F]
    If sinners entice thee (1899) [F]
    The bond of black (1899) [F]
    The day of temptation (1899) [F]
    Secrets of Monte Carlo. (1900) [N]
    Her majesty's minister [a novel] (1901) [F]
    The sign of the seven sins (1901) [F]
    On the Polar star in the Arctic sea, by His Royal Highness Luigi Amedeo of Savoy, duke of the Abruzzi; with the statements of Commander U. Cagni upon the sledge expedition to 86° 34' north, and of Dr. A. Cavalli Molinelli upon his return to the bay of Teplitz; translated by William Le Queux (1903) [N]
    The closed book, concerning the secret of the Borgias, by the Chevalier William Le Queux (1904) [F]
    The czar's spy (1905) [F]
    Behind the throne (1905) [F]
    The count's chauffeur (1906) [F]
    The invasion of 1910, with a full account of the siege of London, by William Le Queux: naval chapters by H. W. Wilson, introductory letter by Field-Marshal Earl Roberts... (1906) [F/N]
    Transl. as Die invasion von 1910 (1911)
    Transl. as Der einfall der Deutschen in England (1914)
    An observer in the Near East; illustrated by photographs by the author and Princess Xenia of Montenegro (1907) [N]
    The pauper of Park lane (1908) [F]
    Spies of the Kaiser; plotting the downfall of England (1909) [F]
    Hushed up! : a mystery of London (1911) [F]
    The money-spider; a mystery of the Arctic (1911) [F]
    The red room (1911) [F]
    The German spy, a present-day story (1914) [F]
    The war of the nations, (with Edgar Wallace, et alia) (1914- ) [N]
    Britain's deadly peril (1915) [N]
    German atrocities; a record of shameless deeds (1915) [N]
    German spies in England; an exposure (1915) [N]
    The devil's spawn (1915) [N]
    Cinders of Harley street (1916) [F]
    The broken thread (1916) [F]
    Behind the German lines; amazing confessions of Col.-Lieut. Otto von Heynitz, 16th Uhlans, principal aide-de-camp to His Imperial Highness the German Crown Prince in the field, and now detained in Switzerland; startling revelations of the Crown Prince's shameful actions, disclosed to and ed. by William Le Queux (Sequel to Hushed up at German headquarters) (1917) [F]
    Further secrets of Potsdam : startling exposures of the inner life of the courts of the Kaiser and Crown-Prince, revealed for the first time by Count Ernst von Heltzendorff ... / chronicled by William Le Queux. (1917) [N]
    Rasputin, the rascal monk, disclosing the secret scandal of the betrayal of Russia by the mock-monk Grichka, and the consequent ruin of the Romanoffs (1917) [N]
    The scandal-monger (1917) [F]
    Bolo, the super-spy; an amazing exposure of the traitor's secret adventures as a spy in Britain and France disclosed from official documents by Armand Méjan (1918) [N]
    Love intrigues of the Kaiser's sons (1918) [N]
    Sant of the secret service; some revelations of spies and spying (1918) [F]
    The secret life of the ex-Tsaritza: amazing disclosures by her maid-of-honor and confidante: the Baroness Zéneide Tzankoff / made to and edited by William Le Queux. (1918) [N]
    The yellow ribbon (1918) [F]
    Secrets of the White tsar; the truth revealed by His Majesty's personal attaché, Colonel Vassili Grigorieff (1919) [F]
    The doctor of Pimlico (1919) [F]
    No. 7 Saville square (1920) [F]
    Secrets of the foreign office (1920) [F]
    Society intrigues I have known; astounding facts concerning prominent people, disclosed by Lady Betty G---- (1920) [F]
    The intriguers (1920) [F]
    The secret telephone (1920) [F]
    Mademoiselle of Monte Carlo; a mystery of to-day (1921) [F]
    The fifth finger; a mystery (1921) [F]
    The luck of the secret service; being the startling adventures of Claud Heathwaite, C. B., of His Britannic Majesty's foreign office (1921) [F]
    Landru: his secret love affairs (1922) [N]
    The Golden face ; a great crook romance (1922) [F]
    The Stretton street affair (1922) [F]
    The voice from the void; the great wireless mystery (1922) [F]
    Tracked by wireless (1922) [F]
    Behind the bronze door (1923) [F]
    Things I know about kings, celebrities, and crooks (1923) [N]
    Where the desert ends (1923) [F]
    A woman's debt (1924) [F]
    Fine feathers (1924) [F]
    The crystal claw (1924) [F]
    The blue bungalow; a mystery (1925) [F]
    The Valrose mystery (1925) [F]
    The dangerous game (1926) [F]
    The letter "E" (1926) [F]
    Blackmailed (1927) [F]
    The lawless hand (1927) [F]
    Poison shadows (a.k.a. The chameleon) (1927) [F]
    The tattoo mystery (1927) [F]
    The crime code (a.k.a. Double nought) (1928) [F]
    The sting (1928) [F]
    The amazing count (1929) [F]
    The crinkled crown (1929) [F]
    Great stories of real life (William Le Queux, Edgar Wallace, et alia) (1930) [N]
    The rat trap (1930) [F]
    The Golden three (1931) [F]
    Dr. Crippen--lover and poisoner (and other stories) (Le Queux, et alia) (1966) [N]


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