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Gaslight's E.W. Hornung page



    A Bride from the Bush (1890)
    The Boss of Taroomba (1894)
    Rogue's march, a romance (1896)
    Some persons unknown (1898)
    The Amateur Cracksman (1899)
    Peccavi (1900)
    The Black Mask (1901)
    The shadow of a man ... (1901)
    Shadow of the rope (1902)
    Denis Dent; a novel (1904)
    A Thief in the Night (1905) (a.k.a. Raffles: further adventures of the amateur cracksman)
    Stingaree (1905)
    Mr. Justice Raffles (1909)
    Fathers of Men (1912)
    Thousandth woman (1913)
    The Crime Doctor (1914)
    Ballad of Ensign Joy (1917)
    Notes of a camp follower on the western front (1919)
    Young guard (1919)
    Old offenders and a few old scores (1923)




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