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Sewell FORD
(1868-mar-07 - 1946)


  • Comedy (1901)
    Stories from McClure's, by Barr, Robert, 1850-1912; Ford, Sewell, 1868-1946; Cranson, J. W.; Thomas, Chauncey; White, Stewart Edward, 1873-1946; Phillips, Henry Wallace, 1869-1930; Hough, Emerson, 1857-1923; Hutt, Henry, ill.
    CONTENTS: The Pasha's prisoner / Robert Barr -- At the Dovelys' / Sewell Ford -- The metamorphosis of Corpus Delicti / J.H. Cranson -- Sheriff of Elbert / Chancey Thomas -- The saving grace / Stewart Edward White -- A chance shot / Henry Wallace Phillips -- The horse thief / E. Hough.
  • Horses nine; stories of harness and saddle (1903)
  • Truegate of Mogador, and other Cedarton folks (1906)
    CONTENTS: Truegate of Mogador.--Of such as spin not.--The king gander of Sea Dog shoal.--Captain's folly.--Across a picket fence.--"Shiner" Liddel's revel.--The impressing of Looney Fipps.--Seed to the sower.--Julius.--The romance of "Windy Bill."--The ride of his life.--Through the needle's eye.
  • Shorty McCabe (1906)
  • Side-Stepping With Shorty (1908)
  • Shorty McCabe on the Job (1909)
  • Honk, honk !! Shorty McCabe at the wheel (illus. by F. Vaux Wilson) (1909)
  • Cherub Divine; a novel (1909)
  • Just Horses (1910)
    CONTENTS: Jerry.--Keno: a cayuse known to fame.--The life of the crowded way.--The story of Pericles of Spread Eagle Battery.--Fiddler.--The straying of Lucifer.--Deacon: and how he took out the Christmas mail.
  • Torchy (illus. by George Brehm and James Montgomery Flagg) (1911)
  • Odd Numbers: being further chronicles of Shorty McCabe (illus. by F. Vaux Wilson) (1912)
  • Trying Out Torchy (illus. by Foster Lincoln) (1913)
  • On With Torchy (illus. by Foster Lincoln) (1914)
  • Shorty McCabe On the Job (illus. by F. Vaux Wilson) (1915)
  • Torchy, Private Sec. (illus. by F. Foster Lincoln) (1915)
    CONTENTS: The up call for Torchy.--Torchy makes the Sir class.--Torchy takes a chance.--Breaking it to the boss.--Showing Gilkey the way.--When Skeet had his day.--Getting a jolt from Westy.--Some guesses on Ruby.--Torchy gets an inside tip.--Then along came Sukey.--Teamwork with Aunty.--Zenobia digs up a late one.--Sifting out Uncle Bill.--How Aunty got the news.--Mr. Robert and a certain party.--Torchy tackles a short circuit.--Mr. Robert gets a slant.--When Ella May came by.--Some hoop-la for the boss.
  • Wilt Thou, Torchy (illus. by Frank Snapp and Arthur William Brown.) (1917)
  • Torchy and Vee (1918)
  • Shorty McCabe Looks 'em Over (illus. by F. Vaux Wilson) (1917)
  • Shorty McCabe Gets the Hail (1919)
  • The House of Torchy (illus. by Arthur William Brown) (1918)
  • Torchy as a pa (1921)
  • Meet 'em With Shorty McCabe (1920)
  • Inez and Trilby May (1921)
  • Trilby May Crashes In (1922)


From Who's who among North American authors:

The "Torchy" and "Shorty McCabe" stories were widely syndicated for more than a dozen years. The novel "Cherub Divine" was dramatized as was "Shorty McCabe." The "Torchy" stories were filmed for the silent screen and appeared as comedies for two years. Later were used as talkie comedies. Contributor to leading mags. General character of writing: humorous. In 1930 became an amateur painter, traveled and studied abroad. For 15 years on various newspapers and press associations. In Boston, Baltimore and New York, as reporter and editor.


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